Conceptualization of a New Design

Inspiration from Magazines

I have taken over the hotel’s lobby and made it my office. Among all the business people getting ready for their meetings, talking on their cell phones with their families back home, touching base with their secretaries, getting their presentation material together, I sit and knit. And browse through all kinds of Fashion Magazines to get inspiration for a new design.

First Sketch

I am probably the very last person in the world to notice that A-lines are in fashion these days. In nearly every single mag, I see A-line garments from cute little tops to cute dresses. Very sixties, very cute.

With Cassie Rovitti’s Tubey design in mind, and inspired by the A-line garments as seen in November Fasion Magazines, I have made a first sketch what is to be a top/mini dress.


Choosing Venezia Cascade Worsted


The Material/Stitches

I had some Cascade Venezia Worsted colorway grey in my stash and took it with me to Hartford. Since I made my first Tubey with this yarn, I figured it would be good for my second one.

Let us take a look at my 3-section swatch that I made.

3-section swatch

First Section:

First Section

For the section at breast height, I wanted a rib with distinct vertical lines. A knit one, purl one immediately came to mind. Even better for my design would be a knit one, purl one with full twist, meaning I will knit in the back of the loop on the right side, and purl in the back of the loop on the wrong side.

Second section:

Second Section

After the distinct vertical lines in the breast section, I want to be visually pleased with distinct horizontal lines. A band with lots of firmness is required to hold the piece “together”.

Here I decide to knit and purl everything through the back loop. It is a knit one, purl one rib alternated with purl rows.

Third Section:

Third Section

Where the breast section and very high waist section are held togehter with very firm and sturdy stitches, I want the rest of the garment to be more relaxed. Also as seen in many A-line tops, I need to gather fabric, create ruches in the middle top of this third section.

These ruches are created by increasing the number of stitches with KFB (knitting in front and back). I was not sure if this yarn would be drapey enough for my plan, but the swatch shows me that it can handle it.

Last section:

Bind Off Section

For this section I choose again the sturdy stitches like in the second section. The bind off will happen after 2 rows of stockinette stitch. Yes it will roll up that way but that last row of purl stitches will bring it to a halt almost immediately.

After making my swatch comes the question: how do you know how much to cast on? In my next entry I will show you how important this little swatch is. It contains all the information that I need in order to cast on the right amount of stitches.

Let’s see how this all will come out. Conceptualization is one thing, the actual outcome might be very well different.

I would like to end this entry with wishing you all a happy ThanksGiving.

I have many many wonderful reasons to give thanks for… and for that I am very grateful.

Thanks again for reading and untill the next entry!

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4 Responses to Conceptualization of a New Design

  1. Marianne says:

    Shiraz is looking great !!
    Zie dat je nu alweer een nieuw project op stapel hebt, en deze is helemaal je eigen ontwerp ! Ben benieuwd wat het eindresultaat zal zijn. Jou kennende zal ik daar niet zo heel lang op hoeven wachten 🙂

  2. Nia says:

    I love the design.

  3. Brenda Boyd says:

    I love this sweater. It looks like an Armani!

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