What’s next..?

Roadtrip to the Oregon Coast

How far away I felt from the Netherlands as we arrived at the Oregon Coast during a roadtrip last week. And how I gasped when we saw the beach of Manzanita.


Often times, especially when I experience yet another part of Oregon, I just cannot believe that I am actually living in the beautiful Pacific North West.

Manzanita is simply enchanting but Wheeler, a little tiny village, made me scream. How cute… Situated in a bay and surrounded by hills, mysteriously shrouded by misty fog, this tiny village stole my heart.


And as the sun was setting, we left Wheeler, with the promis to come back soon and stay for a few days.


As for knitting

After completed 3 projects I felt…lost and a tad sad. Not knowing what to do with myself, I gaze at the Lady Eleanors and gently pet my choli… I am being dramatic when I say it almost feels like saying goodbye to dear friends with whom I have spent many hours. But then again, that is the way it almost always feels when I finish projects.

So what’s next?

Pondering over new projects puts me in realm of many possibilities. I am floating deliciously, eagerly wanting to touch base with my next new loves.

How about working with some Qiviuk?


Or am I in the mood for yet again some Beaded Silk from Artyarns?


Hmmm… maybe my fingers would like to caress some wonderful Venezia Worsted weight Merino/Silk from Cascade?


And what about my Rowan Cashsoft Chunky?


This floating zone, this esotherical state of mind, this realm of many many possibilities is what I ADORE. What stitches will go best with what yarn? Which garment will I choose to make? Will I knit something from a pattern or will I design again? How I love this part of the knitting journey.

This state of mind however, cannot linger on for too long and I decided to start knitting up something very very simple with Rowan Kidsilk Aura.


It is straight stockinette stitch for many many inches and will ultimately result in a vintage stole. Simple, almost boring but great for a project on the rebound!


While knitting away on my vintage stole, I am more and more attracted to the Venezia from Cascade and Cashsoft Chunky from Rowan. I guess I will have to make some swatches with them!

Untill next time…


2 Responses to What’s next..?

  1. Denise says:

    some quiviuk sounds good to me.. I am definitely going to pick some up at Rhinebeck!!
    I have MAD money!!!

  2. Marianne says:

    Oh you have Qiviuk, now I’m getting really jealous ! Seriously, this is on top of my wishlist 🙂 Wished I could touch it……
    De vintage shawl is ook heel erg mooi, en de Kidsilk Aura, zo zacht net een droom.
    Ben benieuwd waar je het patroon vandaan hebt.

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