Bye Summer of 2007

Just two weeks ago, during a hot summer’s late afternoon, I was able to make some nice pictures at my friend’s place. The heat was almost unbearable but could not keep me from making some nice shots in the garden.

Grape Leaf Grapes Yellow Flower

Little did I suspect that this day would be the last of the warm days and that Autumn would arrive with chilly and crisp mornings.

Bye Summer… you started out with long and drawn out days for me, but ended with high energy and not enough hours in a day. Also, you were my first Summer ever in the Pacific North West… Bye, untill we meet again next year.

Bye Summer

Finishing up stuff

I finally finished my choli! Being the perfectionist that I am, I already know what I want to change to perfect the pattern, but for now this will do.

Finished Choli Finished Choli 2 Finished Choli 3

Also, I would like to show you Lady Eleanor I (Noro Silk Garden 245 – knit up with needle #9), shown double folded length wise in this picture:
Finished Lady E I

And Lady Eleanor II (Noro Silk Garden 258 – knit up with needle size #8):
Finished Lady II

How about the Lady Eleanors Sari Style?

Sari Style 2

Sari Style 1

I will write more specifics with regard to my finished stuff, but right now, I really gotta run! I am going to knit night at my Local Yarn Shop and show off my choli while wearing a black sari!


3 Responses to Bye Summer of 2007

  1. Edith van Dijk says:

    Hi Nancy.
    Het is eindelijk af na al dat gestress. Nu even afblussen en hup naar het volgende project
    waar haal je die energie vandaan. Heel mooi allemaal en het past goed op je truitje die Lady Eleanors. Geweldig. Bij die Eleanor moet je eerst driehoekjes breien en daaruit steken opnemen en stukjes breien en telkens aan elkaar vast naaien? Ik zal het proberen.

    Good Luck en groetjes.

    Edith and family

  2. Crystal says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I was wondering if you used a pattern for the choli? If so can you please direct me to it; otherwise, if you made it yourself is it possible to get a copy of your pattern. It is absolutely beautiful and looks very comfortable (not as binding as cotton can be).

    Thanks in advance

    • gettingpurlywithit says:

      Hi Crystal,
      Thanks for stopping by. I made this choli a while ago and I made it organically, so no pattern whatsoever. Just on the fly with a lot of trial and error. I think best thing you can do is find a very close fitted short sleeved cardi pattern and adapt it to a choli.
      And yes, it is quite comfy! Good luck!


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