In which the Late Afternoon Sun is urging me to slow down

Flower in Late Afternoon Sun

Lately I have been running around from one Non-Knitting Project to the next Non-Knitting Project. My mind is occupied with planning, scheduling, getting from point A to point B, no time for home cooking, no time for doing groceries. No time for knitting, you may ask? Never ever will I let that happen.

This busy life results in knitting untill way passed midnight, and waking up early to do just that little bit of knitting untill it is time to be occupied with Non-Knitting Projects again. Still this is not enough and I am way behind schedule which only produces…. stress.

Then, on a late afternoon while I am frantically working on my Lady Eleanor II (Noro Silk Garden 258 ) on the patio of my favorite tea shop, I suddenly notice that the sun is gently massaging the back of my neck. As I put down my knitting, I detect my shadow on the side walk and make a note to self: “Woman, you better slow down…”

And so I did… I just sat there, enjoying the touch of the Late Afternoon Sun, while watching my shadow grow longer and longer… My knitting needles were left untouched for the rest of the evening.
Late Afternoon Sun

As for knitting

Lady Eleanor I and II

Lady Eleanor II (Noro Silk Garden 258)hasn’t been agreeing with me. She is unruly, high strung, moody and difficult to work with. Yet she attracts many many admirers who constantly interrupt me to ask me what interesting pattern I am knitting, and oh, that yarn, how beautiful!
Lady E 1 Lady E3

And yes, indeed she is beautiful… and despite our somewhat difficult relationship, I managed to finish her. Now I am ready to attach the fringes.

Lady E 2

How is Lady Eleanor I (Noro Silk Garden 245), you may wonder? She is patiently waiting for me to knot the fringes. Soon, I promis her…soon.

The Choli

I have been very patient with the sleeves of my choli. Just two weeks ago I attempted to knit up the sleeve cap, hoping to be done with it. Easier said then done. I spent an entire Saturday morning and early afternoon on the sleeve cap. After the 6th time of ripping out, I finally thought I had tackled it only to find out that it really was too bulky, too puckery and way too long.

First Attempt on Sleeve

It may look good in the photo, but believe me, it was not in reality. So rip rip rip I went again and started all over.

Can you believe that my patience started to deplete? This combined with being behind schedule, made me a grumpy and stern knitter. And with a deep frown in between my eyes, I made yet another attempt which luckily turned out well… it had better!

2nd attempt sleeve1

After the figuring out how to knit a sleeve and sleeve cap comes the figuring out how to set in the sleeve. I have gotten many tips on how to do that, thanks!

2nd attempt sleeve2

This setting in the sleeve gave me a good headache and when I had to rip out yet again, I hung down my shoulders and came to the conclusion that I maybe, just maybe do not like to seam…

2nd attempt sleeve3

Seaming a little fingerless glove is nothing. NOTHING I tell ya. Seaming a set in sleeve… Oi.

Beauty in the Late Afternoon Sun

I was more than happy to get such a nice message from the warm and friendly Late Afternoon Sun. It made me literally stop whatever I was doing and it made me think of the stress one can put on oneself. Knitting two Lady Eleanors, designing a choli and learning how to make a set in sleeve is just fine, but expecting it to be all done in a month is a little bit too much to demand from oneself.

Just a week ago, when I was visiting some friends, I saw a flower enjoying the late afternoon sun… Luckily, I had my camera with me and I took some shots.

Flower in Late Afternoon Sun Flower in Late Afternoon Sun 2 Flower in Late Afternoon sun 3
How beautiful the world around us can be… sometimes we just need to stop doing whatever we are doing and simply sit still and enjoy.

Untill next time!


One Response to In which the Late Afternoon Sun is urging me to slow down

  1. Marianne says:

    When you are having troubles in the progress that you make it’s sometimes better to step back from it and let it rest for a while.
    Teveel druk op de ketel is nooit goed natuurlijk !
    Wat wordt de Lady Eleanor mooi zeg ! Prachtig gewoon.
    Jammer dat de mouwen van de choli nog niet echt naar je zin zijn, op de foto ziet het er echt heel goed uit. Maar ja, jij gaat voor perfectie ! En gelijk heb je, als je iets doet moet het ook echt naar je zin zijn als het af is. Hij staat je in ieder geval super !

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