Oh Lady Eleanor…

Oh Lady Eleanor… how much I adore her!
I have finished the knitting part, single crocheted the edges and attached all 52 fringes:

LadyE4 LadyE5 LadyE6

I almost don’t want to knot the fringes… as if I am afraid she will leave me as soon as I am done with her.
Will you believe me that I felt a little lost when I finished the last tier of rectangles..?


I love love love this pattern SO MUCH, that without even finishing it, I immediately purchased a new colorway and casted on quickly, like a girl madly in love hasting to be reunited with her lover.
LadyE1 LadyE2

Tackling the Fitted Sleeve Cap

Oh boy… not easy this one… Many thanks to those who have given me tips about the fitted sleeve cap! I really needed that, as I am just a beginner knitter and have no experience with sowing and putting together garments.

Allthough I am having a hard time putting the sleeve together, I must say, I have learned a whole lot. This whole thing has forced me to look at sleeves and sleeves cap in a different way. Not a day goes by or I am looking at many women’s tops that flauntingly walk by me. And of course my eyes are locked on the sleeves… I stare at their shape, want to take it off of the garment and lay it flat just to see how they are “engineered”.

This is how far I am with my sleeve. Just a little bit more and I have reached the horizon.


Oh, I almost forgot! I just posted the pdf.file of Fingerless glove Seattle! Click here to go to the page.

Happy knitting!


3 Responses to Oh Lady Eleanor…

  1. Becky says:

    I love the Lady Eleanor(s). They’re so pretty. What yarn are you using?

  2. Edith van Dijk says:

    O,wauw Nancy ik sta elke versteld van je breiwerk. Moooooooooooooieeeeeeeeee sjaal
    mijn complimenten, stuur mij ook die patroon. Ha hahahahahah. Echt een sjaal voor a Lady. Succes verder.

  3. margaretross says:

    Nancy — about sleeves: Sometimes my gauge changes a bit from sleeve to sleeve. One time I was real stressed and my second sleeve turned out MUCH smaller than the first. From then on, I have always knitted both at the same time.

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