Climbing to the Horizon

” ‘t Is een hele trip, maar ik zal er komen… zo klim ik naar de Horizon”

~ Kleine Groene Kikker van Sesam Straat

I still remember how, as a little girl, encaptured I was by a tiny tiny little frog who was diligintly climbing a flower’s stem. It was struggling, sliding down every time again and again, but it persevered and climbed to the top. In the background you could hear an uppety song: “It is a struggle but I will get there. I am climbing to the horizon..!”
Gotta love Sesame street!

This fitted sleeve cap is slappin’ me around

My brains are fried. Fried I tell ya. How come? Fitted. Sleeve. Cap.

Ever since yesterday, I have got Fitted Sleeve Cap on my mind. With ever step I take, with every move I make, Fitted Sleeve Cap is on my mind.

I found interesting articles over at about sleeve caps, I pulled out my books Vogue Knitting, Sweater Design in Plain English by Maggie Righetti and finally Designing Knitwear by Deborah Newton. I read and read, tried to understand that bell shaped fitted sleeve cap but to no avail. I could not wrap my brain around it and walked away frustrated.



Then that tiny tiny little frog from the past presented itself in my memory… and I find solace in what Deborah Newton is writing about fitted sleeve caps in her above mentioned book on page 50, chapter 3:

“I struggled through many projects before I understood the logistics of succesfully producing this type of fitted sleeve.”

After walking back and forth to the books and my project, I sit still, close my eyes and try to see that whole fitted sleeve cap thing in 3-D. The bell shapes I see in the books do not make sense to me, they are too flat so I pull out my 3-D imagination.

In my mind, I shape the bell form of the fitted sleeve cap and gently fold it over my shoulder in order for it to fit my armhole. With that image in my mind I draw out the fitted sleeve cap, cut it out and fold it.


Now I can view it from every angle.


Phew… it finally makes sense to me! And now comes the knitting part… Wish me luck!


4 Responses to Climbing to the Horizon

  1. elan says:

    Glad you got there, my first thought was you need to sew the seam so you can see it.

  2. Rennagayle says:

    I, too, process things ‘visually’, and have used that same trick before, in creating little pattern pieces that I can manipulate in a 3 dimensional manner to “get” the concept!

  3. Marianne says:

    Yeah, you got it right ! This is exactly the shape you need !
    ( sewing experience comes in handy now and then) If you need to sew it up it is best to sew the side seams first from both sleeve AND body, then try to fit in the sleeve, right sides together. This also works best in sewing . Good luck !
    Als je het niet snapt laat het me dan maar weten, de basis heb je nu in ieder geval 🙂

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