Aesthetics, anyone?

I was horrified, I tell you, when I entered a certain artistic event last Sunday… Nothing, absolutely nothing whatsoever was slightly aesthetically appealing to me. I realized that I was totally outside of my realm, and I am sure that I stuck out like a sore thumb.

There were several photographers documenting the event, shooting left and right, running from one art piece to another, laughing and talking to the artists.

And me? I stood there at the border watching it all go by, my camera hanging untouched around my neck.

What to do when you are “stuck” in a place you don’t belong? Search for that what does capture your eye, scanning the venue for what does represent beauty to you… And luckily I found an image or two:
Tattoo1 Tattoo2

Allthough the event was not my cup of tea, who am I to judge and/or denounce a certain type of art? What is aesthetically pleasing to me, does not have to be aesthetically pleasing to someone else and vice versa.

Live and let live, artists rule, whether I like their art yes or no.

Utterly Satisfied

I am so incredibly pleased with both projects I am working on! Lady Eleanor is flying off of my needles, growing and growing, and where ever I sit and knit, people come up to me to shower Lady Eleanor with oohs and ahs. Imagine what the effect will be when I elegantly drape her over my shoulders and I enter into a room?


Only three more balls out of the ten I started with and she will be done!

And now my choli project… Do I have fun making this..! The math, counting the stitches, calculating when to increase or decrease, viewing the design from a middle point, then knitting it from right to left and then writing the pattern down from left to right… LOVE IT.

Today, as I was happily working on it, I stopped in the middle of calculating something and said to myself: Nancy, you are actually designing. Scream!


And now I have to knit the sleeves and sleeve caps …gulp… But I know I can do it… I will figure it out!

Untill next time!


3 Responses to Aesthetics, anyone?

  1. notyourhero says:

    Your choli is still looking really great!

    I love that you found at least something to interest you at an art exhibit that didn’t. Those tattoos are pretty cool.

  2. Edith van Dijk says:

    Jeetje Nance voor en novice knitter ziet het er geweldig uit. Je eigen design knap hoor.

    Ik kan alleen vanuit een patroon veranderen. Hoe doe je dat? Eerst je zelf opmeten en daaruit de steken bepalen? Je moet ook minderen en meerderen. Je krijgt er wel handigheid in. Ga zo door. Mooie kleur trouwens. Doei. edith

  3. Marianne says:

    The choli is really becoming a stunning project ! And yes, you can do it !
    See what you already achieved. …..
    The Lady Eleanor is now high on my to do list too !
    Ik weet zeker dat er veel jaloerse blikken op geworpen zullen worden als je haar draagt.

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