Cutting it Close

In today’s entry you will find:

  1. Little picture tutorial on how I fixed my mistake of running out of yarn.
  2. I love my leftover yarn!
  3. A shawl in the latest Rowan magazine totally got me drooling!

Just the other night I discovered I did not have enough yarn to finish a pair of gloves…

At first I was angry, then put aside my anger and moved on, and now I am ready to fix my mistake. In this entry I am going to show you how I did that!

First I rip out yarn from my first square untill a certain height ( I calculated that carefully). Then I wind the ripped out yarn in a centerpull ball:

cc2 cc3 cc4

Then I finish my first square (left photo), bind off and cut off the yarn.
cc5 cc6

Now comes the fun part of joining yarn!

I am working with Wool Silk dk from Rowan which is a 4-ply yarn. I untwist both strand in two and you can see in the photo that I have 4 strands. I diminish those 4 strands in two and then start twisting the yarn around eachother untill it is joined. Hope this makes sense! If not just look closely at the pictures, okay?
cc8 cc9 cc10

Now I am ready to keep on knitting untill I finished my second square! And I have a little bit of left over yarn!
cc1 cc12

I don’t mind left over yarn at all!

Are you a knitter that dislikes leftover yarn? I don’t mind my left over yarn at all. I love my left over yarn; I’d rather have leftovers than cutting it too close or running out of yarn.

Cutting it too close makes me nervous and I do not like knitting like that at all so I always try to play it safe and have lots of little leftover balls of yarn. I love them! They are so cute!

Have you seen the new Rowan magazine for Fall?

Something got me totally drooling… it’s a gorgious shawl I saw in the latest Rowan magazine…take a look yourself:

Rowan1 Rowan2

Want a closer look?
Rowan3 Rowan4

So gorgious…

Bye for now!


5 Responses to Cutting it Close

  1. notyourhero says:

    You have Rowan 42 already? I’m jealous.

    I’ve got tons of leftovers. It’s mostly sock yarn…I never use it all up, since I have small feet.

  2. Marianne says:

    Already thought you might work it out 🙂
    My Rowan magazine came in yesterday and I really loooooove this shawl !
    The colors of your yarns match perfectly.

  3. Hi, this is the BEST site for explaining EVERYTHING, I just wish I lived near you. Can you recommend a sweater pattern (ladies) for Lonesome Stone Alpaca? I just purchased 2 skeins @ $49.00/ea. and I need a pattern, the tag states #2 needle. I would be most grateful for this

  4. gettingpurlywithit says:

    Nancy DiMeola:

    Glad you like my blog. As for your question: I am just a beginner knitter and cannot help you any further.

    Ask your question at your local yarn shop, I am sure they will help you find a pattern. Or drop your question in the forums at or The many experts over there might help you out.

    Happy knitting.

  5. vanessa e says:

    It worked!

    Thanks for this idea. it worked out perfectly and now I can keep on goin’! I appreciate your help, as always. happy knitting!

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