Wheresoever You Go …

“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart”

~ Confucius

At a CoffeeHouse

Wheresoever this little knitter goes, she takes her knitting with her…

When going to a teahouse or coffeehouse, I take my knitting with me.

At the Teahouse At the Coffeehouse 2 Sidewalk

When I go to have something to munch, I take my knitting with me.

lunch Milkshake and Donut

When I travel, I take my knitting with me.

Train Ride Boarding Pass Time to board

When sipping mah booz, I take my knitting with me.

At a Spanish Restaurant Bloody Mary Chillin with Pinot Gris

Where ever I go, I take my knitting with me.


Hoped to have finished another picture tutorial, but alas.

Remember the fingerless gloves I made for the Seattle Hostes? I had hoped to post a picture tutorial of that very glove today.

At 10 am in the morning I started my picture tutorial “production” and scheduled to be done with it at around 3pm. When I found myself still working at around 5pm, I shook my head and called it a day. I am sure you will forgive me.


However, here are some preview images!

WoolSilk Preview2 Preview1

Have a great weekend…



2 Responses to Wheresoever You Go …

  1. notyourhero says:

    Mmm, bubble tea.

    We knitters are funny animals.

  2. yarnshop says:

    good blog best regards

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