The Empress of Indian Saris

“I just wanna have some wine and go hang with my knitting homies”

The Sari Empress

A visit to the “Queen City” with the Empress of Indian Saris

The Sari Empress who reigns over Sarisafari has summoned me to accompany her to the “Queen City” aka Seattle.

Indian Shawl

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“You!”, the Empress said while pointing at me during Knitnight at Sally’s. “You! We have appointed you to accompany Us to Seattle. You must help Us carry the saris”.

I bowed down humbly and almost dropped a stitch and whispered: “I am your humble servant, Your Highness, Empress of Saris”. And in my head I was screaming of delight because I know all of my senses would be feasting on delicious Indian Fibers…


I am off to her Palace right now and from there we will board the Metal Worm and knit knit knit in our beautiful Saris.

I will be back soon Monday!







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  1. Alex says:

    Oh! The colors!

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