I hear a Symphony

June 28, 2007

A few days ago, when I was walking towards a company where I was scheduled for an interview, a little 3 year old boy walking with a woman caught my eye. Although they were walking side by side, something seemed off… it was as if they were not connected to each other. I did not give it any furhter thought and prepaired myself for my interview.

An hour later, just as I walk out of my interview, I again see the odd sight of that little boy and the woman; the boy was tagging along with her and when she looked at me I asked her if everything was okay.

“Do you know this little boy?”, she asked me. A shiver ran down my spine when she continued: “I found him a while ago, wandering by himself on the street.” I turned to the boy and said “Hello Sweetie, how are you?” While playing with his red car toy, he replied with the most cutest 3 year old voice: “I am fine…”

The woman explained to me that she had been walking up and down the neighborhood, trying to find where this boy lives and safely return him to his mother. But alas, without succes. Another woman walked by and I stopped her to ask her if she by any chance knew who this little boy was. She kneeled and introduced herself to the boy, who shyly told us that his name was Jason.

lost little bird

There we stood, three women and a little boy… if you would draw a line between us women and the little lost boy in the middle, you could see that he found himself in a triangle of protection. At each corner of the triangle stood a female guardian angel making sure nothing could hurt the child.


After some debating, it was decided that the police would be notified. I felt I no longer could be of help and walked towards a coffee house to ponder about the very pleasant interview I just had.

After a while the woman who kneeled in front of the boy walked into the coffeeshop and we started to chat. Our conversation was a pleasant one… we talked about the boy, then ended up talking about art, psychology, marketing and blogging.

And guess who walked into the same coffeeshop and gave us a report about the little boy? Yes, the lady who found him in the first place. The lost child had been safely returned to its mother by the police.

While the three of us were talking, I could feel a tremendously light energy rushing through my body. My interview went well, a lost boy was protected by three guardian angels, I had such interesting and enlightened conversations at that coffeeshop, and most importantly: the boy was safely returned to his mother.

At that very moment, everything became silent when I gazed at these two chatting women and in the far distance I could hear a Symphony…

Two Guardians


I got tagged… by miss harleyquin… this is what one has to do when one is tagged:

You go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday month and day. Then you post 3 events, 2 other births, and one holiday that occurred on your birthday. And tag 5 other bloggers…

March 19


1931 The Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra played its first concert in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

1962 – Bob Dylan releases his first, self-titled album.

1953Academy Awards are first televised.

Other Births:

1964Yoko Kanno, Japanese composer and 1953Billy Sheehan, American musician (Mr. Big)

Holiday: The first day of Quinquatria in ancient Rome, held in honor of Minerva.

As for knitting

I am in love… with Rowan’s Cashsoft… this 4-ply DK yarn which consists 57% of extra fine merino, 33% microfibre andf 10% cashmere is incredibly soft, slides so deliciously through my fingers and needles and is ABSOLUTELY A PLEASURE to work with.

A very pleasant close to the skin garment comes to mind…

Rowan Cashsoft

Now if you will excuse me, I have a date with my Cashsoft DK… I am going to fondle it…all over… untill it begs me to stop.

In which I slip into a Funk…and get pulled out.

June 22, 2007

I slipped into a funk… I was wandering so deliciously in my world of color, imagination and joy when suddenly I hit this grey wall which confused me so much that I lost my balance and slipped into a funk.

Oostindische KersGroen

Life is not all about joy, laughter, love and happiness…

Once I dreamt that a dark energy came rolling at me. I still recall its terrifying sound…it was the sound of a heavy rolling and crushing all destroying millstone. I could see images of hate, hurt and pain. Luckily, the terrifying millstone of dark energy rolled passed me and I heard it say: “I too exist in this world. Do not deny me or underestimate my force, because if you do, I come knocking at your door.”

I remember how I bowed my head in my dream, and how fortunate I felt that the millstone rolled passed me and did not crush me.

Slipping into a funk is part of life. The art is how you deal with it, and even more interesting in my opinion, how you get out of it or should I say how you get PULLED out of it.

OostIndische Kers

Things that made me smile

This past week I received two packages that made me smile. The packages were both related to knitting…

The first package was literally a bundle of joy in the form of sweet little thank you letters from kids that have seen and touched two pairs of gloves I had handknitted.

You see, through this blog, I came into contact with a woman who teaches knitting to preteens in a summer program. Once she told me about this I had sent her two pair of gloves to inspire and motivate those kids and to show them that even if you are a beginner knitter, you can make simple little things like gloves.

Kids… you don’t realize how much your letters have made my day! THANK YOU!

Another package that made my day was a package from She-Knits. I had entered into a blog contest in which you had to name one of Sheknit’s stitch markers. Check them out here.

I came up with the name Twinkle Twinkle Flower Star and I won! My prize were these super cute little stitchmarker birds:

Thank you so much She-Knits! It was sun entering into your contest!

Yes, little things like this can pull one out of a funk…

Not only these two things made me smile… there were many many other things that made my day. For that I am truly thankful.

As for knitting

I will let the photos speak for themselves… The old Feather and Fan stitch is a simple yet beautiful lace pattern. It is by far one of my favorite patterns. For this little summery scarf, I used just one ball of SWT Bamboo colorway Parrot. I adore it.

Click on the little photos to enlarge:

Bamboo SWTDSCN9029Feather and Fan2Feather and Fan3Feather and Fan4Feather and Fanbag

Yarn: SWT Bamboo colorway Parrot
Needles Size: 5
Pattern: shortened Feather and Fan Stitch. Usually, the Feather and Fan pattern is a 18 stitch repeat but I shortened it to 12.

Cast on 48

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: *(k2tog) 2 times, (yo, k1) 4 times, (k2 tog) 2 times; repeat from * to the end of row.
Row 4: Knit

I repeated these four rows untill I ran out of yarn.

Last but not least I would like to end today’s entry with a picture of a beautiful Rose after an early morning rain shower… for all you out there who happen to be in a funk: hang in there. Just ride it out. It will pass. I promiss.
Free pattern

Treasure Hunting: Finding the Gems and Jewels

June 7, 2007

Don’t you just love it when you, just by accident, find the most precious and well hidden knitting and crochet gems and jewels? And I love it even more when I share these treasures with my fiber friends and I can say: Lookie what I found!

Inside Pottery

Above picture is some beautiful pottery. I was just so taken by it without even knowing why. At the counter, the owner of the shop asked me: “Did you notice that the artist uses doilies to make these?”
close up inside

My eyes got bigger and although I did not immediately noticed, I recognized the intricate pattern and sighed of pure amazement. And when the owner flipped the plate over, I screamed:
Outside Pottery
close up backside

I have never ever seen such beautiful pottery! Many thanks pottery artist Barbara Krieg!

Today, when browsing through a consignment store, on the prawl for any knitted and crochet related treasures, I found this:

WHOA! Can you see the similarity?
close up insidedoily close up

What do I have on the needles right now?

You might have seen the gloves I made for our Seattle Hostess?

Hostess wearing gloves

I am at this moment figuring out, and test knitting again and again that very same pattern. I am using different kinds of yarn to see how the pattern holds up:


Notice the cute little one!

Once I am satisfied with everything, I will write the pattern out and issue it. I have also been requested to write my patterns in the round, so I will provide that as well.
Just give me a bit of time and it will all be issued for those interested!

A Celebration of Exotic Indian Fibers in Seattle

June 4, 2007

Sarisafari Trunk Show

View of Downtown Seattle form Mount Baker:
View of downtown Seattle from Mt Baker

My trip to Seattle was adorned with Indian saris, graceful ruffles and pleads, vibrant colors, silk, cotton and… knitting.

The Sari Empress, who reigns over Sarisafari and is also known as knitter Melinda, had a sari trunk show in Seattle and I was more than happy to accompany her.
Melinda knitting in a beautiful yellow Sari:
Melinda knitting in Sari

It must have been such an excentric view on the Cascade train to Seattle: two ladies dressed in colorful graceful saris, chatting and click-click-clickety click knitting away…

The trunk show was exotically and colorfully intoxicating:
Toby the Cat next to Sari Empress MelindaRegal SilkpinkblackMore Silk Print!More BrocadeGolden SilkFlowers and cute little mushroomsFine Paisly and Flower on cottonBrocadeBlue Brocade

Notes from a very far Past: My Indonesian Heritage

During the trainride back home, I pondered over all that beautiful Indian Fiber and couldn’t help but think about my own exotic heritage: Java, Indonesia.

There I was, traveling from Washington to Oregon while my thoughts traveled back to the turn of the 20th century when my ancestors were taken from Java, Indonesia to Suriname, South America.

From this country Suriname my parents traveled with their baby daughter to Holland, Europe. And yes, their baby daughter grew up to be an adventurous woman, who packed her bags and left for the United States of America.

Great Grandmother Sarmina probably at the age of barely 17. This photo was most probably taken when she arrived in Suriname between 1910 and 1913  with a ship called Djebres & Prins Willem I. On her sarong you see a piece of paper with a number:
Great Grand Mother

Me in a sari at King Station, Seattle, WA:
Me in Sari at King Station Seattle

Did you know that the Dutch colonizers and the English colonizers made a trade waaay back when? The Dutch, who “owned” New Amsterdam and the English who “owned” Suriname did the old switcharoo.

They made a bussines deal and the Dutch ended up colonizing Suriname while the English got their hands on New Amsterdam which is now known as New York.

Not only did the Dutch colonized Suriname, but they also colonized Java, Indonesia. And as you might now, the English also colonized India…

From Java, to Suriname, from Suriname to Holland and from Holland to the USA.

And now for some knitting!

Me and Melinda did some serious knitting! Melinda is working on a choli, that is a tight fitted top which one wears with a sari and I was working on some gloves for our Hostess:
Seattle Knitting!

Melinda uses Angora yarn from Louisa Harding with earthtone colors, and I am using 100% Alpaca sock yarn from the brand Lonesome Stone, colorway Cranbrule…

While we were knitting we had this beautiful view of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound:
Olympic mountan range

Luckily, I was just in time finishing the gloves to give as a present to our wonderful Seattle Hostes. Here you see her wearing them:
Fingerless gloves for hostessHostess wearing gloves

And on my way back home, I immediately started a new glove!
Going back home

Halfway through the trainride I got this far:
Growing during trainride

Almost there!
Almost done!

By the time I arrived in Portland, I was just about done:
Just about done!

Oh, almost forgot! You know what I saw at the Market in Seattle? Dutch Irises!!!
Dutch Irises

That’s all folks…!

Useful Links:

Sarisafari: Indian saris

Javenese Batik Sarong

A little bit about Suriname

The Dutch in New Amsterdam which is now called New York

The Empress of Indian Saris

June 1, 2007

“I just wanna have some wine and go hang with my knitting homies”

The Sari Empress

A visit to the “Queen City” with the Empress of Indian Saris

The Sari Empress who reigns over Sarisafari has summoned me to accompany her to the “Queen City” aka Seattle.

Indian Shawl

Indian fabricMore Indian shawls




“You!”, the Empress said while pointing at me during Knitnight at Sally’s. “You! We have appointed you to accompany Us to Seattle. You must help Us carry the saris”.

I bowed down humbly and almost dropped a stitch and whispered: “I am your humble servant, Your Highness, Empress of Saris”. And in my head I was screaming of delight because I know all of my senses would be feasting on delicious Indian Fibers…


I am off to her Palace right now and from there we will board the Metal Worm and knit knit knit in our beautiful Saris.

I will be back soon Monday!