Roadtrip to Woodland Woolworks in Carlton

There I was with T, waiting for C to pick us up to go to Carlton, Oregon.


As soon as C turned with her car into the street we were waiting, T said what I was thinking: “Oh my look at that sexy black Mercedes!” We both jumped in, picked up F along the way and off we went, me and three other passionate knitters sliding in a sexy shiny black carriage through Yamhill County Oregon on our way to Woodland Woolworks.


Once we arrived, we meant business and we scattered throughout the huge Woodland Woolworks building. Skipping the spinners and weavers section, we jumped into the delicious walhalla for knitters: books, patterns, needles of all kinds of brands, yarn, accesoires, blocking tools and and and… so much more.

My heart rate went up, and I was ready do some damage! Oh mercy me, did I have FUN!
On advice of C, who is a fierce sock knitter I got me some Crystal Palace dpns:

Also some Addi Turbo Crochet hooks, which I had never seen before:

I got me some books, which were strongly recommended by some pro knitters over at KnittersReview:

And of course I got me some YARN! All Lace weight, two balls of Jaggerspun Zephyr and a hank of Grignasco Silk Merino:

I also got some small size dpn Brittany needles, some 14″ Plymouth bamboo needles size 1, a Magnet Board, and some patterns. Boy, I went CRAZY.

After shopping we were very hungry and T guided us to this lovely diner:

Yummmm, I ordered a BLT. It was HUGE!

On our way back home, I watched the beautiful countryside fly by and I gazed at the Coastal Mountain range to the West. F was navigating us, C drove steadily and T was talking about her Philosophy of Life, explaining to Know Thyself. The chitter chatter was lively, the energy uplifting. Oh what joy these passionate knitters gave me that day.

Thank you so much, you girls!

Denaedin and Emanelle are all knitted up!

I am very satisfied with the result… once Two Sleeping Beauties and now wide awake. Look at them…sigh:


And guess what? YOU CAN WIN THEM!!!!
Oh yes you read that well:


Come back tomorrow and I fill you in with all the details!

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