Old Friends and New Friends Sweeten up my Life

Last week I gazed at the beauty of Multnomah Falls with my friend Corrie. She came all the way from the Netherlands to see me.


Corrie and I have known each other for 10 years now. I still remember how she came running in my Micro Economics class and disturbed the dull peace. The monotone voice of the teacher lulled me to sleep as he was talking about how Savings, Consumers, Income, Import and Export influence the National Income of a country but when Corrie came marching in, I was wide awake.

She was far too late for class, couldn’t find her books, and quite disorientedly she listened to the teacher and decided that she did not understand what he was saying. In anger she banged her fist on the table.

Little did she realize that with that “bang” of her fist, she chased away my Economics Blues. After class I walked up to her and offered to translate what the teacher was talking about.

And that was the start of a friendship which kept me going throughout our entire Economics Studies. She was my only light of joy in a world I did not belong to.


During our roadtrip to Multnomah Falls I found this exquisite yarn in a gift shop! It is called Fleece to Frock, handspun yarn by a woman named June Jones.

The best thing about Corrie’s visit is that I finally, after 10 years, find out that SHE KNITS TOO! I was stupified…

Corrie left last Friday, and as I hugged her goodbye on my front porch and watched her walk away, I immediately had to get ready for a roadtrip with three new friends to Woodland Woolworks in Carlton, OR.

I had met T, C and F only one time before during a morning knitting session in a Italian bakery. Three weeks later I find myself in a luxurious sexy black Mercedes C320, sliding through the rolling hills of Yamhill County on our way to Woodland Woolworks.

Tomorrow, I will write some more about our Woodland Woolworks trip and will show and tell what I purchased!

Emanelle Progress

I was happily and contently knitting away on the second Emanelle glove and about to bind off when I suddenly realized I had knit the right hand glove twice… eh… what else to do than RIP.


See them poor stitches… longing to be guided by a knitting needle:


Solution: Take a needle that is way smaller than the actual needle size you are working with and save the poor stitches:

Then slide them from your “rescue needle” back on the actual working needle and you are ready to go:

And before you know it, things are well on their way again!

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One Response to Old Friends and New Friends Sweeten up my Life

  1. Alex says:

    I like seeing the process of the eating versus the knitting. One shrinks as one grows!

    Your story about Corrie is so nice. It reminds me of a really corny sign I saw that says, “The best antiques are old friends.” Because honestly, who wants to be called an antique? Ha ha…

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