The Seductress

You know the type. The one with wiggling hips, pursing lips, batting eyelashes and oops you can see the black string of her bra just peeking from under her tight top … Yes, THAT type.

My first bought yarn
Ever since my husband explained to me what the word “yarn” meant, I so wanted to go to a yarnshop but our travels from Washington D.C, to Tampa and Hollywood, FL got in the way. I had to put my curiosity on hold untill we arrived in Pittsburgh, PA.

On a cold and windy day in March I set foot in a yarnshop for the very first time. The name of this yarnshop situated at Woodstreet in downtown Pittsburgh appealed to me:

“Ewe can knit”

I vividly remember the proprietress’ friendly bright eyes, her fair face adorned by an abundance of reddish curls. I felt warmly welcomed into a wondrous world of color and yarn.

As I was wandering through a cascade of colors, browsing, fondling all kinds of yarn, I nearly screamed of pure delight and was about to lose my mind when suddenly I felt tapping on my shoulder.

It was quite an impatient tapping. Somebody really demanded attention.

I turned around and there she was… wiggling her hips, pursing her lips, flirtatiously batting her eyes and I kid you not, she was showing off her black lingerie!

I gazed at her for only a brief moment and then slowly rolled my eyes towards the friendly proprietress to see if she too noticed this seductive piece of yarn.

“No, hon. The curly redhead won’t notice a thing,” I heard a raspy voice saying and I slowly rolled my eyes back to the seductress.

“It is you I am seducing. Take me. I demand it.”

What can I say? I had to obey.


Here is how she looks knit up in garter stitch:


This HOT yarn contradictably called Polar by Filati FF in colorway 531 was a pleasure to knit with. I made my very first scarf with it! These two pictures are the only ones I could find in my archives. The scarf, knitted up in garter stitch with bamboo needles #13 was later given as a present to a very dear friend of mine.

It was the perfect first beginner’s project. Bulky yarn, big needles, instant gratification AND a good way to learn that knit stitch!

Great Adirondack Soxie Progress

I was cruisin’ along with my soxie today,


when suddenly this happened:

Oh bitter despair, I dropped them stitches!
In times of trouble, one needs heroes:


See them in action:


More tomorrow!


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