Two Sleeping Beauties

Two sleeping beauties covered in subtle early morning dew drops, and protected by Labradorite enchanted me. How could I not take them with me, these precious ones?


I once wrote a story about Denaedin and Emanelle, two elven sisters who lived in a magical forest somewhere in the realm of my imagination. When I saw these precious glass bead silk skeins, one subtle green with a sensitive variegation, the other vibrant blue with lighter hues, I knew that they were Denaedin and Emanelle.


The first one I am going to work with is Deneadin, her character is subtle green and very sensitive. I could not bare put her on a swift to brutally wind her up in a ball.

So I gently untwisted her, and decided to wind her up in a centerpull ball by hand. She was not easily to be woken up, but with some patience and a little persuasion it did not take long before I had her in the palm of my hand.


Denaedin is ready to be knit up in a pattern that I wrote myself: fingerless gloves with just one cable running through it …

How excited I am to see how Denaedin will bloom!

Yarn: Art Yarns, Beaded Silk color # 139s (green) and # 222s (blue)

Yarn source: Close Knit


6 Responses to Two Sleeping Beauties

  1. K says:

    What a beautiful yarn! I love it!

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  4. Jenni says:

    Nancy, Your blog is lovely, your pictures are inviting and beautiful. Well Done!!!

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